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Our green standards

Everything at Hemp For Help is created with you in mind - to protect you and the planet we all share.

Our strict standards are designed to protect our world in a sustainable way and reduce pollution and poisoning. You can enjoy our healthy, allergy-free and certified organic skincare without any negative impact on the planet. This is because we have spared no effort in finding suppliers for our ingredients that meet global sustainability standards. Based on this belief, we do everything we can to ensure that our skincare products are created in a work environment that respects human rights, promotes equality, eliminates waste and supports local communities.

All of our products are created with the following values in mind:

honesty in labeling

Our labels emphasize the truth of what is in the product and are free from dishonest and misleading claims.

No harm to humans or animals

All of our skin care products are manufactured in an environment that protects the health of our employees, ensures their safety and does not harm the community.

Ethically and sustainably made

We source ethically made, fair trade, organic and natural

Ingredients to ensure a sustainable supply chain at all times.

Exceptional quality

In our eyes "green, organic and environmentally friendly" is not just a trend. In fact, we believe the opposite. The manufacture of our skin care products is based on traditions that have been passed down through generations

quality standards. These bear the appropriate certifications for the measurability of our claims.